Our Golden Hour

Edu4Pak has partnered with Our Golden Hour (OGH), an organization that shares our mission and vision here at Edu4Pak. OGH is also committed to expanding educational opportunities for the marginalized, especially children who live in remote areas. We are working with OGH’s project in Bangladesh, working with children in the mountainous region known as the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

This isolated area, where poverty and malnutrition are extremely prevalent, is inhabited by thirteen indigenous tribes. The indigenous tribal children live scattered on mountaintops and only have access to a few schools, with severely limited resources.

According to experts, the children of the Chittagong Hill Tracts are among the most illiterate in the nation and at the highest risk of dropping out of school. For many indigenous children, there is no school within walking distance. Moreover, indigenous children speak their own languages at home, but classes are instructed in the national language, Bangla.

Additionally, the books used in schools are often irrelevant to their lives. Thus, children struggle and drop out early from school. Edu4Pak and Our Golden Hour is developing a culturally relevant curriculum in local languages, and with localized content, so that the children can learn in the languages they speak and understand. This is a first step towards creating a sensitive and sustainable education for the children of the CHT.

Learn more about Our Golden Hour's work and the books and projects we are working on. Or, connect directly with us to see how you can help!