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Bringing Change to Pakistan
Through Education

Myra's Mission
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The Kids

A few stories from some of the children Myra and her family are already helping...



Sobia, 15 years old, lives in a small village in the north of Pakistan. I first met Sobia when I was volunteering at our hospital more



Shaloom is a seven year boy who has Down Syndrome. His parent’s sent him to school, but he had a very difficult time more



Javeria was 6 when she lost her father. She always wanted to go to school but had little money more

Our Team

Myra LalDin


Myra is a recent graduate of the Mind, Brain and Education master’s program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Her undergraduate focus was is in social entrepreneurship and cross- cultural relations. She is founder of Edu4Pak (, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforming the educational system for girls in northern Pakistan.

Currently, Myra is a teaching fellow at Harvard University for three professors and a global education consultant for Research Schools International. This year she is also consulting for National Coalition of Diverse Charter Schools - focusing on effectively bringing diversity and cultural awareness to integrated schools.

Dr. Bill & LeaAnn Hoppe

Lead Advisers

LeaAnn and Bill have raised their 5 children in the US, Philippines, and Thailand. They find great joy in opening up their home to mentor and encourage young men and women within the international community. LeaAnn currently serves as Training Facilitator for the Trauma Healing Institute in Thailand. Dr. Hoppe has been a medical volunteer in Asia for 14 years.


Alezandra Russel

Funding Coordinator

Alezandra is the Founder of Urban Light, where she leads the fight in Thailand against the trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of Asia's overlooked group of young male victims. Alezandra also passionately works to raise awareness regarding the exploitation of males as she actively campaigns across the US and Asia, speaking to thousands on behalf of Urban Light and their work. Alez received a B.A. from Pepperdine University in both International Studies and Spanish.

Tanika Panyarachun

Community Outreach Coordinator

Tanika is vice-president and co-founder of Thai Community Lacrosse (TCL), where she works to bring the sport of lacrosse to kids in marginal communities in Bangkok as a positive alternative to more harmful influences. Tanika holds a B.A. from Brown, and will be beginning her postgraduate studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education this September with Myra.


Mary Wilson

Professional Adviser

Mary currently lives in central New Jersey, where she works tirelessly to educate with children with autism in the public schools. Mary believes in the intrinsic value of each individual. She has applied this principle over the years in her work as an attorney with Neighborhood Legal Services, as a teacher at a private school for gifted children, and as a mother - homeschooling her own five children for over 15 years. Mary holds a degree in law from the University of Pittsburgh.

Liz Meister

Design and Production Consultant

Elizabeth Meister is responsible for the conception and formal organization of Thai Village, Inc, a non-profit organization working in the design, production, and sale of handmade crafts. Her motivation to develop Thai Village grew out of a desire to encourage local people to earn a sustainable income using their natural and culturally significant handicraft skills. Elizabeth earned a B.A. from Wisconsin Luthern College, an MA in Field Linguistics from Payap University and a Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate from Georgetown.


Oliver Crocco


Currently a lecturer and the Head of International Campus Life at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Oliver Crocco is is passionate about international education and using principles of human development to promote learning, community and development. Oliver holds a B.A. from Whitworth University, an Ed.M from Harvard in Human Development and Psychology and will be beginning his Ed.D. candidacy in Human and Organizational Learning this fall at George Washington University.

Rob Agle

Technical Lead

As a software engineer, Rob's portfolio of clients includes the United Nations, Cornell University, Memorial University, and some of the world's leading brand names.

Rob met Myra at Payap University during their undergraduate studies together. He continues to support the edu4pak project as its lead technical adviser.




Meghan is currently based in SE Asia and serves as an independent story consultant for business and individuals. Her life is driven towards a study of human story and communication exploring oral history, nonverbal communication and visual story impact/value. Her focus is on stories as a connection between the heart of the teller and the hearts of the listeners. Meg received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California Polytechnic State University.

Luke Ryan


Born in Michigan, Luke moved with his family to Pakistan at three and studied there until his school was attacked by extremists in 2008. After completing high school in Thailand, Luke enlisted in the Army and earned a place in the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. Luke completed 4 combat deployments as a Ranger, eventually becoming a Team Leader. Luke currently attends the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he is majoring in Motion Pictures and Television.


Philip Vasquez

Technical Adviser

Phillip Vasquez is an educational consultant based in Chicago. An MIT mechanical engineer turned Harvard educator, Phil is passionate about STEAM education, travel, and delicious eats. Phil is the founder of Academic Achievement Solutions, which provides academic and curricular instruction for students and school systems in the Chicagoland area. Phil also works closely with the MIT Toy Product Design group teaching toy educational design seminars to students in Boston, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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